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6 days ago

I recently needed IR filter replacement for two of my MFDBs, one Imacon 132c and one Hasselblad CF-39MS. I contacted Hasselblad without much hope that I would find much help, bu...
Hi Guys Looking to get some advise on exposure times on long exposure for hasselblad 500CM when using EV values taken from Sekonic light meter. I was in a situation the other da...

10 days ago

Hi, 1) i just purchase the 70mm film back. i put it in my hasselblad and try to test it. I can not shoot at all after I advance the film, and remove the dark slide. can someone ...

12 days ago

To me it's hard to escape the allure of the Hasselblad V. Count me as one of the people who have lamented the move to the ugly and dull H series. I don't think a 6x6 full f...

14 days ago

Couldn't get the battery to charge then I might have tricked the charger by plugging in the battery first the plugging in the charger six hours later a green light. However when...

17 days ago

Do all the boxy type Hasselblads use the bayonet filters? Do the other Hasselblads use the standard millimetre system? Ie the H5D, and the older film camera versions and the X...

18 days ago

Anyone know if other manufacturers other than Hasselblad itself offer a strap that will fit the H camera? Also- is there any type of protective cover out there for the ba...

20 days ago

I'm just wondering what cameras those of you considering the switch are coming from, which one of these two fine cameras you like best and the reasons behind the choice? I cu...

23 days ago

Hello everybody ... I'm absolutely new to the Hasselblad H system and am facing some questions ... Nor google or my experience with dslr, medium format could help ... I... DJI related? Or just part of an existing plan to leave after a certain time/accomplishments were met?

28 days ago

Hello, I'm a new-to-Hasselblad shooter with a magazine status indicator question. I'm on my second roll of film (Velvia 100 slides) and have had the same issue with both roll...

29 days ago

I picked up a used CVF 16. It's giving me quite a few problems, but I have another two weeks to return it. I was hoping to get some input on whether anyone else has had these pr...

More than a month ago

Does it has 16 bit? Hasselblad official site claimed that it has 16 bit but I dont know why people kept telling me that is has 14 bit.
Anyone have any conclusive time frame as to the lead times one might expect to receive one of these? Thanks in advance.
Does anyone have first hand knowledge of this lens? Would very much like to hear your experiences. Does the AF work well and is it a high quality performer or a dog?
Dear all, I have been shooting with Mamiya 645 AFD with leaf aptus 22 digital back for sometime. I want to get Hasselblad 500CM as I enjoy shooting with my bronica sq. I like f...
Hello everybody, this is Fabio, I just purchased my camera of dreams since long time, a 501CM from the year 2001, this beautiful lady comes with the classic CFE 80mm lens. Durin...
Hi all, recently I happened upon some lens adapters called "speed booster" made by Metabones. Those special adapters use a special lens group that optically compress (adapt) t...
Hello guys, I just received a Hasselblad digital back CFV-50c but don't know how to check its' shutter actuation. But I do see many sellers could tell the shutter numbers in the...
Back in November 2015, the Chinese camera drone company DJI announced that it had acquired a minority stake in the legendary Swedish camera brand Hasselblad. The following July,...
Some recent news for the Hasselblad Users of their camera.
Just read about this here, not sure how much truth is in it: They obtained the cash needed from DJI and...
I know this has been mentioned a few times in the "Where's my X1D" thread, but probably this deserves its own thread.
I have a question about how you focus for portraits. I have a 50mm and 150mm. Do you need to recompose when focusing on the eyes? I shoot mostly 35mm and use to have multiple fo...
Hello, I was browings ebay and saw an adapter called "helicoid" for hasselblad 200/ 2000 cameras. Seller is Chinese, we cannot communicate at all Anyone here have experience w...
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