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More than a year ago

Could someone point me in the direction of a replacement for Kodak Kodalith Ortho Type 3, please? TIA.
What are applications for Kodak litho film. I've heard that Edward Weston used in for low contrast scenes.
what is sub for this kodak d-76 replenisher I was using this but kodak D-76R, but they stop making it.Dave
Is it possible for me to get Kodak Plus-X pan, Kodak High Speed Tungsten Ektachrome, and an Ilford HP5 roll, developed at a Walgreens or CVS? Thanks!

9 days ago

Anyone tried the new $170 Kodak Scanza Scanner?ttps://  

More than a year ago

I acquired a bulk loader with some Kodak Tri-X Pan in it. Tri-X Pan was redesignated to 400TX around 2007 I think. Film edge has 'KODAK TRI-X PAN FILM' and 'KODAK SAFETY F...
I'm planning to use some rolls of old Kodak high speed infrared film. What are my chances of success? Any advice?
I have several rolls of Kodak Gold 200 film that need to be developed. My question is; are there labs that still process this film?Thank you for your help.

More than a month ago

Kodak XTOL StorageI'm about to get my hands on some XTOL, never used it before. So I was wondering if I can store them in normal plastic 1L bottles with the bottle squeezed ...

More than a year ago

Hey Everyone. I just bought a few rolls of kodak T 160 ektachrome for a dollar. It is expired though as I expected it to be. Has any one used this film? I usually cross process...
What is the ASA rating for Kodak Super Pancro Press Type B film? Tried looking on the web without success for an answer.
Any one has use Kodak Reference Archive Media 16mm microfilm for continuous tone photography ?What is the typical ASA setting and developer, development time ?
So which chemicals can I reuse? B&W I'm using Kodak D-76, Kodak Stop Bath, Kodak Fixer, and Kodak Photo FloColor I'm using the Unicolor Powder C-41 kitThanks in adva...
Hi All: Just came in to possession of two unopened boxes of Kodak Spectroscopic Plates in 8X10 size. My understanding is that these were used in astronomy. I have gone th...
I am looking to order Kodak 20x24 Portra 160 film but only need about one box. Does anybody know anyone who supplies this, or would anyone be interested in going in on an order ...
I may just be old and miss something, but I thought there was a new film out called portra pro made by kodak. For some reason I remember using film called portra and Kodak chan...
This may have already been mentioned in the forums, but I wanted to attach the announcement anyways.
With the demise of Kodak, what are some of your favorite non-kodak films available in 35mm through sheet film???
The rumors were wrong. Kodak film will be available for years to come. The deal is for motion picture film, but as long as they have some motion picture film, they will be able ...
It looks like a few directors and Hollywood studios are teaming up to keep Kodak making movie film. I make the occasional order for Kodak Double X so this is welcome news.(link)
Are these films going to stay in production or what does this mean? Should I start stocking up on Kodak Portra films and tri-x?
Just received box kodak RA4 RT Replinisher 4x10L I purchased from SouthPoint Photo a box of 4 x 10L of 8415580 Kodak RT- replenisher for RA-4 developer. They assured me it ...
Wondering if anyone out there has had the same problem with Kodak printers as me. Our 7250 is only 20 months old but is now failing to print photographs - it seems to be solari...
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