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Selling Brand New Original Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus Free Shipping with FedEx delivery faster after payment is done. Contact Us E-mail info (at) 2buyers co...

6 days ago

I took videos of the Boston Marathon in 4K using the Galaxy S7. Wanted to use TMPGEnc Smart Render 5 to put all the clips together quickly and upload it to YouTube but the 4K cl...

7 days ago

Two spots I've visited recently, they are not far apart. They were taken with the K1 and FA 28-105, a very useful lens for the sight-seer. The first sure looks desolate an...

16 days ago

It's been a very busy winter & spring, have not had a chance to drop by in months. Just wanted to reassure you that here in East Tennessee, the Spring Peeper frogs are still sin...

19 days ago

Once again I'm having elbow problems but this time it's simply tennis elbow and will heal up on its own eventually. I decided to take the KS1 with me to Sabino Canyon, along wi...
The second-edition Gear 360 looks to be the 360-degree camera to beat. Samsung Gear 360 Now Shoots 4K, Has Better Design : Read more

20 days ago

Canon FD lens to Samsung nx camera adapted RM50 This post has been edited by onnosoon: Mar 27 2017, 06:56 PM Attached thumbnail(s)

24 days ago

Should I limit my lens collection on a trip or just take everything? Last summer I went on a trip and thought (when I left home) that I was going to be the wedding photogra...

25 days ago

WTB>Samsung NX mini Lense 9-27mm -pm me with price -C.O.D -pm or whatsapp me thanks 0168787244 This post has been edited by Patrick LSK: Today, 12:03 PM
Available brand new unlocked Original smart Phones / electronics. E- Mail :] SKYPE :]   Attached Files: - ...

26 days ago

YouTube (Short URL) YouTube (Short URL) ...
Samsung's fun and easy-to-use VR camera is the cheapest it's ever been. Samsung Gear 360 Just Hit Lowest Price Yet : Read more

27 days ago

We Offer best mobile phone Device and we continued to attract a committed and passionate community of electronics consumers all over the world. We are a well recognized electron...

More than a month ago

Item(s) : 1. nx 20-50mm SOLD 2. nx 20-50mm RM 200 , no nox bcoz come with camera 3. nx 18-55mm SOLD 4. nx 16-50mm pancake SOLD 5. nx 45 F1.8 RM 750 with box 6. nx 5...
Item(s): [WTS]Samsung NX 100 Camera 20-50mm + 50-200mm (USED) Package includes: Samsung NX 100 Camera with 20-50mm (original box included) Samsung Lens 50-200mm (telezoom) (ori...
Shot at Torrey Pines Gliderport in LaJolla. CA. The wind has to be just right or you end up like this. Not what you want when you step off a 200-0 cliff. Shot with K5-iis usin...
Item(s): Samsung 1650 f2.0 OiS Package includes: Lens and Cap only Price: RM 1400 (Original Price RM 2,899) Warranty: 7 Days By Me Dealing method: COD Location: Ampang / ...
A new smartphone image sensor from Sony can record video at up to 960 frames per second. Sony's Phone Camera Could Have Big Edge on Apple, Samsung : Read more
Bought my first DSLR in 2007-ist DS with kit lens-got the 50-200 a year later-haven't used it in years. Used it on the K5-IIs with Metz flash 48af-1 on HSS mode.
Hi, Recently I found some Leitz lenses (are they the same as Leica lenses? they're about 40-50 years old I think). I'm thinking of repairing the lenses and repurposing them...
Item(s): samsung EVO PLUS microSDXC UHS-I card 64gb Package includes: fullset, pls see pic. Price: rm95 Warranty: 10 years from samsung malaysia Dealing method: cod in wangs...
Item(s): [WTS]Samsung NX2000 Camera 20-50mm + 50-200mm (USED) Package includes: Samsung NX2000 Camera 20-50mm (original box included) Samsung Lens 50-200mm (Zoom) (original box...
TA passed away. Leicaphile and inventor of the Rapidwinder and Classic release. Recently took a bad fall which led to daily hospital visits until a heart attack this morning. ...
You Tube You Tube ...
GADGETPHONEZ were the leading organization when it comes to phone, gadget and Electronics home appliances. Our Shipping method and Attending to our customers makes us UNIQUE... ...
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