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After months of sitting on the shelf, I decided to take my Pentax 20-40mm down town. Its a nice little lens but I wish it came with a hood.  


Pentax SMCP-FA 80-200mm f/4.7-5.6 Zoom Package includes: lens + Front caps + rear caps Price: 299 Warranty: NIL Dealing method: COD Penang Juru Icon City - starbuck or Posta...

3 days ago

Sharing it here... There's a Ricoh Pentax photo Competition on 13 May 2017. The theme is cosplay. Good chance to see what lens and camera is available for try on that da...

5 days ago

Hello guys I want to buy either the Nikon D80 or the Pentax k10d.Both of them have the same specifications with the only difference that the Pentax has optical stabilisation.Wha...

7 days ago

Two spots I've visited recently, they are not far apart. They were taken with the K1 and FA 28-105, a very useful lens for the sight-seer. The first sure looks desolate an...

11 days ago

How does this meter come apart? My problem is not electronics, the meter portion works fine. The lens in the eyepiece has come loose. I cannot figure out how to disassemb...

12 days ago
In the news and not surprising considering the market for SLRs Bye Bye, Pentax? Ricoh May Kill Off Its Camera Business  

15 days ago

In article , wrote: I put 2 brand new CR2 LITHIUM panasonic batteries in my Pentax MZ-50 camera and it still doesn't work WHAT CAN I DO?? 1. Check battery volta...

16 days ago

It's been a very busy winter & spring, have not had a chance to drop by in months. Just wanted to reassure you that here in East Tennessee, the Spring Peeper frogs are still sin...

18 days ago

New lens available beside the Laowa macro 60 mm 2X magnification. The new ones is 4X to 4.5X magnification in pk mount by mitakon 20 mm f2 . Beside this you have the speed mons...

19 days ago

Once again I'm having elbow problems but this time it's simply tennis elbow and will heal up on its own eventually. I decided to take the KS1 with me to Sabino Canyon, along wi...

21 days ago

One of the things I particularly looked forward to in getting the GFX was electronic first curtain as I had found that with my 120 mm. and longer, shutter shake was problematic ...

22 days ago

1 Orchid Back LINK[| 20170401-IMGP4083] by Hin Man , on Flickr  
I have been using a Pentax 67 camera for years, and, now, I'm thinking of changing to the digital Pentax 645z. I have several 67 format lenses, and I would like to use these wi...

24 days ago

Should I limit my lens collection on a trip or just take everything? Last summer I went on a trip and thought (when I left home) that I was going to be the wedding photogra...

29 days ago

Ricoh GRII APS-C size CMOS compact digicam + GW-3 Wide Conversion Lens Your c & c would be helpful and appreciated. Thank you.
I was unable to post anything for the past few weeks. It looks like they finally fixed it, but I'm still running into a bunch of server errors !  

More than a month ago

Item(s): Pentax DA21mm F3.2 Package includes: box, pouch, caps, lens hood Price: RM1500 Warranty: - Dealing method: COD Location: Contact method/details: 0129349165 --- I...
Hi All. Things have gotten a bit too busy for me so I really haven't gotten around to starting any threads. Anyway, I did head down to Texas last week and here's one of my b...
Hi all, I've recently had some problems with a 45-85mm FA lens that I just purchased off of ebay to be used with my Pentax 645n. I was doing a test with Portra 400, my penta...
Shot at Torrey Pines Gliderport in LaJolla. CA. The wind has to be just right or you end up like this. Not what you want when you step off a 200-0 cliff. Shot with K5-iis usin...
So went to Georgia this week to take care of some "bizness" and along the way stopped to shoot a few more family members. I like the way the headshots turned out. I can see the ...
just found this cool tutorial to share, you need hss supported transmitter and manually hss supported flash
The following items are for sale: 1. Pentax 645z CMOS medium format camera with 55mm SMC F2.8 lens (used 9/10 with box) Price : RM22500 2. Pentax 28-45mm HD lens (warranty sti...
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