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Made in Germany TEWE 35mm to 200mm zoom viewfinder with range control 1,2,5 meter and infity Attach to hotshoe of Leica IIIc and similar rangefinder  

2 days ago

I took my late series 50mm f:1.4 Nikkor LTM out of the cabinet, to discover that somehow, apparently while it was just sitting there, the diaphragm was messed up. At least one...

3 days ago

Non-contrast and non-sharp 35 and 50 ltm lenses I know this is annoying... But I'm just curious on which ones are non-contrasty and non-sharp for street. Here's what I have :...

4 days ago

Hi, early Friday morning and ahead of the game. Please post your favorite pics. Enjoyed last week. Thanks.  

5 days ago

Original Price: $1,500 Asking Price: $1,400 (price negotiable) My husband and I received it as a gift. For more details, please refer to listing here:

10 days ago

Hi all, just got in. Thanks to Eddie for picking up my slack last week, Was out of town. So tonight I'll start with a portrait taken with the 50mm Summicron on a X-Pro2. Let's ...

11 days ago

Collapsible Summicron vs summitar vs summar for non-contrast and non-sharpness I currently have a radioactive collapsible cron  
Hello there! I was wondering if anybody could help me figure out whether this Leica R3 MOT is real or fake. Cause i really don't want to buy a fake one. Thanks in advance! ...

13 days ago

Has anyone actually got hold of one? I placed my order on Dec 6, 2016 on B & H and it is still out of stock. If you actually have one, is it worth the wait? How is the quality...

14 days ago

Just in case of the Leica users here, aside from Tim Franklin, used the "Rapidwinder" and/or "Softies -- Soft Releasies", the manufacturer of them, Tom Abrahamsson, passed away ...

15 days ago

Can anyone recommend a really good recovery programe please? I still have the sd card and haven't taken any more photos on it nor done anything else with this card. Hoping someo...
Item(s):WTS: Metabones Leica Mount to Sony E-mount adapter Package includes: Metabones LM to Sony E-mount adapter (no box) Price:RM400 Warranty: Nope Dealing method: COD / P...
I just finished a roll and noticed that the rewind switch needed to be held down; if I didn't hold it down while rewinding, it would pop back up. I never recalled having to...

16 days ago

Item(s) : Leica M6 + Voiglander Nokton 35mm F1.4 Package includes : Leica M6 body, Voiglander Nokton 35mm F1.4, brand new XS-Pro Digital B+W filter, Artisan & Artist leather ha...
According to this, there's a 75mm Noctilux coming: Breaking: Leica Noctilux M 75mm f/1.25 ASPH lens to be announced later this year | Leica Rumors I don't like the Noctil...

18 days ago

As requested by Barry, I will start this week's POW. a27 by Eddie . . , on Flickr  

19 days ago

I'm hoping that I'm going to enjoy my new purchases. Yesterday I received a titanium tinted Leica M6 and a 50mm F/2 DR Summicron complete with goggles. The M6 is now loaded wi...

21 days ago

A we all know, when you turn on the M7 the first thing you see is the ISO of you film setting. I always set my ISO manually so I can push or pull according to light conditions. ...

24 days ago

In Nov., 1963 I was fortunate to be part of a group of 8 students to attend the (then) 3 day Leica School in Wetzlar, Germany. For 43 years, until I recently got my new (t...
Hi Peeps. Friday again and another great opportunity to bask in the planetary wide adulation for the photos seen in this thread. Please don't be shy. People here are very suppor...

27 days ago

Image circle is 60mm. Not enough for 6x4.5 but enough for 65mm movie film and maybe just enough for 127:
I’ve been watching some items over the past few months. Here are the results of the auctions: Contax 28/2.8 G, EXC, AU$290
Has anyone ever seen, handled or even used a Leica type camera with a 39mm screw thread body with a rangefinder made in Japan around 1960. It was called 'Honor'. I saw one in a ...

28 days ago

Hello all, I have a well-maintained Contax T rangefinder with the drawbridge lens (NOT a T2/T3/etc.) that I purchased recently. All functions appear normal. I shot a roll o...

29 days ago

All - Been absent from these fora for almost 10 years (had to re-register). After a hiatus from photography (hard-core Leica LTM user before), I've become curious about ...
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