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22 days ago

24mm FOV f4 fixed 1000fps in burst or 120fps unlimited 720p 1" CMOS Slog 2 HD internal, 4K external 3.5mm mic jack
The man behind the Sound Device 688's automixing feaature. Great timesaver if you don't want to do mixing for interviews in post.
Shot in 1080p/60 ft/second. No filter. I'm waiting for delivery of a cheap set of filters to experiment with. Camera doesn't have image stabilization, and I haven't done any ed...
View: The speed can be controlled with a handset, also up/down movement. The handset is included but not shown here. Ideal for landscape wor...

23 days ago

This is a FE lens and the size shows. APS-C shooters already have a smaller Signa 30mm f1.4 and a Sony 35mm f1.8 to choose between.
TABULARASA Shipwreck is a Fishery School Vessel that shunk near Jakarta coast in 1995, the vessel shunk in midnight after hitting reef near a small island, there are no victims...
In a few weeks I am going on a safari. I will be shooting high quality stills (hopefully) and HD video from 24 frames to 60 frames, with my two DSLRs. I intend to produce a t...

24 days ago

Lets say I like to do some slow mo stuff, and my camera can do 120fps (5D4), so I shoot it at 120fps so I can play it back to 30fps and get a slow mo effect, and then I guess I ...
I volunteer to video a karate instructor on demonstrating various weapons. I'm having trouble video recording with my 5Dm3. It doesn't focus automatically in video mode. My 70...
Hey all. I use PremPro for editing video and love it. This works great on my fairly powerful desktops and laptop, but I have a less powerful portable device turning up later ...
Hi, I recently bought an HD smart TV, is it possible for me to enjoy my iTunes 1080P movies on it? I tried multiple ways such as transfer the video to a USB drive and plug in it...
Leaked specs as follows: – Sensor: Total pixel 17.2 MP, effective 16.1 MP 4/3 Live MOS – Dust Reduction: Super Sonic Wave Filter – Image processing engine: TruePic VIII – ...

25 days ago

Amazing Decorator Crab!! This Crab look Very Strange!!! From Bali, (Puri-Jati ,Seririt)  

26 days ago

I know its completely out of fashion to shoot a 2/3 inch sensor but wondering if anyone here can give me info on which lens range is ideal when shooting a B4 2/3" sensor camera ...

27 days ago

Potentially a camcorder killer? Canonrumors speculates these specs: New APS-C size sensor 24-120mm zoom lens Dual Pixel CMOS AF
With the tools of videogs and photogs getting more and more similar, events videogs will do well to copy the best practices of their stills brethren. I thought these might be u...

28 days ago

I'm still trying to wrap my mind around the physics of this video. The footage is from a new VR camera that Insta360 is launching Auguust 28 The wings of the birds in flight s...
I've been looking at getting my first video light/s for my Gopro 4. Most of my diving is daytime in clear waters (S FL), with some night dives. It would be great if the light co...
I'm looking for a recommendation for a good but inexpensive microphone for voice recording. I'm busy changing the phone system for my business and need to record some IVR voi...
Just returned from another great two weeks in Dorset. So much to see and do down there. All taken on the DJI Mavic Pro View:  
Hi, i can clearly see footage taken on my iphone, and playback on on iPhone but when i try and import to FCP X i only see black squares, with sound - - why and how can i fix? T...
Hello Everyone! I have just joined ClubSnap as a new member, please bear with me as I fumble around with the little details. I have been shooting 35mm film for some time, a...
Hi all, I'm going to dive in Egypt in a few weeks. I would love to should some underwater photo's/video and therefore thinking about buying a GoPro. Online I'm reading a l...

29 days ago

Should I have shot this at 25 fps? Tried 24, 30, 120 I think - all had banding. View:  
With regard to rest, try to get at least half dozen hours respite each night-time. This pointer is especially tough as we get older, but try it the same. Make your sleeping hour...
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