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It's well chronicled that Nikon (and of that vintage) are not great at video. The kit is a D5100 with either 18-200mm or 35mm shooting at f3.5, 1/60s and 1600 ISO and it is con...
I am looking for advice on frame rate to set the video recording at , I have the option of 1080 @60/50/30/25 and 24 FPS which I want to use. Please correct me if wrong the shut...


I've read the reviews and looked at the footage, and with the Optical Image Stabilization it looks incredible. I would like to mount this camera in a way where I don't have to h...

2 days ago

I bought a Yi 4K+ a few months ago and I really like it. The 4K/60 video is unbeatable by any other action camera right now. The battery lasts about 55-65 minutes in the 4K/60 m...

3 days ago

According to the rumor mill, the next EOS M camera to be released is the EOS M50. My guess, it will be a modified M5 with a fully articulating screen, EVF BUT minus the mic p...
Hi. guys! I just bought IPHONE8, recently I intend to travel(French) and want to buy a smartphone gimbal stabilizer for shooting, Anyone recommends a good one? I am looking at...
According to this review there is a serious flaw, can you spot it?
I know that divers who do not have camera equipment really enjoy getting pictures or even video of themselves. However, I get a little anxious when they request footage they are...

4 days ago

I have been searching for a action camera. I looked at many knock off cameras and decided on a usedGo Pro 4 silver I bought on E-bay. My question is I will be in the keys next ...

5 days ago

All shot with XT2. 60mm Macro @ISO 200, and remote. Cost me $5.00 to subside boredom. Newspaper reflector, room light mixed with window light. I chose to go with the smaller ap...
Hi Guys I'm starting to include walkthroughs in some videos but want to remove the bounce/walk effect from the video, does anyone know of a good gimbal or set up for this? ...
Hi Guys Any recommendations on the best place to to either try before you buy or hire cameras and equipment? At this particular time I'm looking at trying/hiring a gimbal ...

6 days ago

Payload of over 3kg Pull focus remotely from the grip. Details here Old vs new
This is probably the equivalent of showing photos of my grandchildren (if I had any). To make it worse, this is unedited and over 11 minutes long. Still, if you like springs, an...
I know that H.265 is supposed to provide better encoding in a smaller size than H.264, and now that all of Apple's OS support HEVC H.265, I'm wondering what the best settings ar...

7 days ago

Hey. Are there any perfomance hits in FCP X on High Sierra? We are a Danish High School and we are about to update all of our Mac Mini with 8GB ram. =)  

8 days ago

I have searched around the net for info if Compressor is still limited to 5.1 Audio. I want to compress a 7.1 e-ac3 (DD+) track, is that possible in Compressor? If not it see...
Hi all, We had istopmotion years ago and it worked well but doesn't work now so - for a fee or not (I don't really care at this point) I just want to download the newest vers...

9 days ago

Hi everyone, Wanted to share my latest 'Rolling in the Deep' episode. Was in Roatan last week and put this together. I think it has something for everyone, macro, reefs, an...

10 days ago

I have a late 2012 iMac with this configuration: - macOS Sierra - iMac (27-inch, late 2012) - processor 3.4 GHz intel core i7 - memory 24 gb 1600 mhz ddr3 - graphics nv...

11 days ago

Sadly, crime is starting to rise into my neighborhood, and I figure it's as good of a time as any to get some IP cameras and install them. I'm not looking for anything specia...

12 days ago

Some video I took inside the truck ferry MV Zenobia off Cyprus in February this year using a Gopro Hero 3 black.  
I haven't used handbrake in a very long time. We are about to go on a road trip so i thought i'd make a copy of several movies we own to entertain the kiddos... and tried mak...

14 days ago

Check this out. Looks pretty interesting.  
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