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Was away at the weekend doing some photography in Ireland but still had a bit of time to get the drone in the air. weather was a bit grey and overcast but still had fun. Vi...
View: Ok so what is different? answer the way it was taken. interested? What I did was put my camcorder on a monopod flipp...
I play in a band [we're called Sad lovers & Giants] who, last year, went on our first tour of the USA. During this tour we recorded a radio session for a radio station in Los A...
Shot on my Sony A6000, with a zhiyun crane M gimbal (fist time using it). Edited on a MacBook using iMovie while sat on the train (over 3 days!) View:
I mean at what distance should it be turned off or considered to be ineffective/not recommended?. Thanks for your help in advance!  


Hello, I understand that BlueRay as well as DVD is almost dead before even reaching popularity but I do still enjoy to watch a high quality movie once in a while but also fou...

2 days ago

A mini plastic cone for lavalier.
Can't believe the world had to wait till 2017 for these! 100W and 150W versions available from Hawk-Woods. Ideal for LCD panels.

3 days ago

Looking for a universal player. I have heard a lot about VLC and mplayer. Which of these is better or is there another you would recommend?  
Just saw the C-Pan mini. I am only interested in the horizontal curve that makes it curve round a subject. I been trying to do similar without having to get the $2,000 one-man c...

4 days ago

I'm using a Mako tray set up with flex arms, and recently upgraded my Archon d11's to a pair of Archon d36v's. Does anyone know of an adapter to mount the Archon ball joint to t...
Very newbie question, but one I'm having difficulty getting an answer to. I want to branch out with my E-PL5 (cuz it's what I got) into video and Premiere Elements was suggested...
One of a series] At least in the United States, practical "home movies" were made possible by the introduction, by Eastman Kodak Company, in 1923. of 16 mm motion picture f...
I've always been impressed by the technological complexity of advanced video stabilising rigs, and if that pesky 5-way IBIS of an Olympus or Panasonic camera doesn't do the job ...
Hi, I don't have the means to archive finished FCPX projects at full quality ProRes 422, these are only personal home projects, so nothing serious in a sense. Exporting at P...
Hi, I was wondering if anybody has experience with larger mobile energy storage systems or big batteries for on-location work. I came across this: http://www.polaroidenergyst...
Youtube is supporting HLG Hybrid Log Gamma content and the Sony is putting HLG in their consumer camcorder as well. Do you like the Sony-NHK HDR look?

5 days ago

The portfolio includes a large sound effect source material representing a wide range of categories, and all libraries have high-definition sound effects. Suitable for televisio...
I am looking for a more affordable (than a Metaabones) speed booster for my nice collection of Nikon lenses that I have. What brands are recommended? I know Metabones makes an...
All with new improved Hybrid AF. It's really time to throw away the AX100, CX900 and the X70! Still a little miffed that sony shipped the previous generation with subpar contr...

6 days ago

Muzo has started shipping
Very newbie question. I want to branch out with my E-PL5 (cuz it's what I got) into video and Premiere Elements was suggested as good, basic, affordable software upon which to s...
Anbuden Nithya" - a short film in Tamil done by few enthusiasts in Dubai ( imaginarium films) please support and critic the film , kindly share if you like   ...
Hi, I currently store my FCP X projects on an external Firewire 800 but I'm looking to switch them for USB 3.0 drives. Is the workflow directly working from the drive any quicke...
First, the G1X mark3 is rumored to be updated with an APS-C sensor. Now the G5X mark 2 with DPAF is also around the corner. Looks like Canon is trying to put it's new 1" DPA...
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