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Hey guys. I am having some serious trouble with final cut crashing while editing. Seemingly at random it will lock up and crash. I have attached the crash file if anyone can un...
Hi, I bought the camcorder 5-6 years ago and the 27" iMac a year ago. I'm just now getting into videos and am having a problem in getting movies off my camera onto the iMac. P...


Our first and most elaborate music video. First take done over the internet, then we added additional parts. View:  
Looks like a Zhiyun Crane on steroid. But priced about the same. Glide Gear Geranos 3 Axis Gyro Motorized Stabilizer

2 days ago

I have FCPX on my 2009 mac pro (see pic) updated to 3.2 but didn't do any real work since v10.2.4. While transferring projects, a while ago, to my new installation I deleted a...
Hi, I'm sure this kind of topic has been covered before but I'm basically hoping for some feedback on an entry-level video light set up, using the cold shoe of my Canon housing ...
Hi all is there an open thread of any sort to post videos of recent works I have been involved in ? thanks in advance  
Please Apple ...... I realise you think DVD is dead, but don't tell Nana, or the thousands of oldies we send DVDs to. We make a yearly video of a dance school concert - the only...

3 days ago

Sent from my SM-G920P using mobile app  
Hello, I made this video with my 2 Canon 100D(Rebel SL1) (SL1) and STM lenses about Minsk, Belarus. I hope you can enjoy it:  
Hello, I made this video with Lumix FZ1000 during Camino de Santiago in Spain, hope you can like it:  
This is cheap as chips! USD192

4 days ago

Had a first go at video with my 5D MkIII this afternoon. It was indoors and the lighting was a mix of fluorescents and a few spots so I need to adjust the white balance. Can I d...
I've been landed with a job from a friend... To convert camcorder videos for use with an iPad, and also separately a DVD to show to family. I've converted the many small f...
I'm looking to get a light setup for my GoPro 4 camera. Should I get one Sola dive 1200 and one Sola video 2000 or should I buy two video 2000? My thought is if I buy one of e...
The PowerKam WL500 is only USD385.

5 days ago

Hi all, I just got a hero 4 black and haven't even used it yet . What is best memory card to get for it and where can I get dive case and red filter for it. I had one for my 2 ...
I'm trying to get clips I shot on my GoPro and imported into iMovie '11 into GoPro cineform studio to do some editing of the source clips. I'm specifically looking to cut the fa...
Hi, Is there any better alternative than gopro for low light environments such as caves, wrecks, and dark quarrys? It would be nice if it can shoot decent photo as well. I h...
Had a snow day here so I did this video in a few hours. Used a Nikon D7000, Sigma f3.5 15-30mm D lens and the Zoom R16 audio recorder with a CAD C195 condenser mic and TC Helico...

7 days ago

I am using Bun but no matter the options i can't get audio in the mpeg output. The audio in m4v file is H.264 .. I know AC-3 won't do anything without "help" from third party...
Ever wish you had a third arm for a mic or a light or a gopro during a shoot? You can carry this in your pocket. USD 8.50
The POWERKAM TM-390 is only 75cm when folded. Perfect for timelapse or remote control gimbal. Can also double up as C-stand replacement for lightweight LED fresnel like CAME ...
Great for on-site editing or 'LIVE' mixing USD29 from Amazon
This looks like fun! Definitely handy in a scrum.
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