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First some name dropping LOL I was talking to Mat Finn about his new work called Mother (name of the book) at a print preview in a gallery, and during the conversation (he s...
Hi Kingdom of Heaven was on again last night, and as usual going by the length it was the theatrical cut. Now I have never seen the film but want to, because it's Ridley Scott, ...
There is a post offering two Nikkormat FT Nikkormat FT2 with an 85mm lens F2 24mmF2 lens 50 1.6 50 f2 and 135mm he wants 195. Two of the lenses come with boxes. The 85mm and 2...


Recently picked up a used Nikon AF-S f4 300mm prime from ebay, chap was really nice and ended up following him on flickr. Recently moved house so I've not really had time to ge...

2 days ago

Is 30 a good price for a Nikkormat EL? Sent from my SM-G920V using mobile app  

3 days ago

Hi! My name is Brendan and I am new to photography. I have an old Pentax K1000 Asahi and was using Ektar 100 colour negative film when I took the below picture. Two out of about...

4 days ago

Hi folks I am off to the Lake District this weekend and fancy taking some photos with my newly purchased film camera (Nikon FG). Does anyone have any suggestions for nice...

5 days ago

Thinking of starting up film again. 35mm B&W and slide. In the past I always perused ebay for extra jobo equipment. Been years since I last looked. Some of the prices they a...

6 days ago

So my local lab was throwing some stuff away.... Im waiting on them to see if they can find the power supplies for the saunders units so they are untested as of n...
I've had a sizeable stash of film in my deep freeze (at about minus 20C) for several years, as I had regrettably allowed myself to get sucked right back into the digital world.....

7 days ago

Hi all, I've recently started printing my own images with an Epson P800 and am looking to matt & frame them myself, too, as soon as I learn how to do that and acquire the nec... 77. Sad news but what a career/legacy.

10 days ago

I could have sworn there was a thread for this but the search found nothing. The first (easter egg packed) picture has been released
Here's an E-6 (Velvia 50) shot taken with my FE set for auto. (f/8, shutter speed was ~2 seconds) It's nice enough, but a bit underexposed, I think. There's another,...

12 days ago

I took these last month (June) and had them processed and scanned last week (July 8th) and they have been resized down to 800 x 533 and a wee bit of sharpening added due to the...

13 days ago

Stumbled across a darned-near-new Toyo 4x5 today. Mint condition. No film holders or lenses, but I have enough of those. But included a focus cloth, rail extension, bag bello...

14 days ago

Just went thru my first couple of rolls of film in many years. I used to send it off in Kodak mailers and get the negatives and prints back for my regular film, and slides in f...

16 days ago

Hi Guys, Let me start by saying I know pretty much nothing about printers. I am a landscape photographer, been shooting about 3 years. When I look back in the last year an...
Management to get a working pack of Polaroid Type 55 film. Hope everyone enjoy it.

23 days ago

A surprisingly strong line up New Chucky sequel, Leatherface and an English language remake of Inside? More...

24 days ago

The 'franchise' gets a reboot with Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Karen Gillan & Jack Black. US Trailer: International Trailer: Looks like it could be fun, & a...
Director Neill Blomkamp (District 9, Elysium, Chappie) has created a site for what he calls his 'experimental short films', Oats Studios. ...
I've had a Magnifax 4 enlarger about 25 years, using it only with the glassless 35mm or 6x6cm negative holders. I now need to use the pair of glass plates supplied with the enla...

29 days ago

Anyone having this issue before? (watch this video for the issue) I having the same problem. Anyone knows...
Hello all, Recently I purchased an EOS 1n. I receive it today and tried to use it with no success. The auto focus goes to minimum focus distance then to infinity then the in fo...
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