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Hi, very short question but probably very not-so-simple question. Is better to scan analog negatives or better to scan post-enlarger printing? In my opinion the result starti...
Hey everyone, I've noticed that every time I shoot on B&W kodak stock ( mainly 400TX) . The photos always seem to have a green hue. Is there something that I'm doing wrong i...


I have many rolls of APS film, (taken on a Leica, so should be good resolution/quality) and would love to scan them to be able to work on them in the computer darkroom and print...

2 days ago

I love shooting film, but I'm trying to find a better way to handle processing and printing. I get my film processed at a lab (at Precision Camera & Video mostly) and have been ...

3 days ago

Hi all! I got some film of mine developed at a lab and I've been seeing these weird shadow-y marks around the sprockets. the lab uses Fuji chemistry and I shoot both Koda...

4 days ago

I managed to come across my mom's Pentax MG a few days ago. I've always been interested in shooting film so I picked up some low-end film and batteries today. The camera batteri...

5 days ago

How to Develop and Push the ISO on Color Negative Film at Home  

7 days ago

Hey guys, Fairly new to photography here so bare with me. I've just bought a used Kitstar 80-200mm 1:4.5 lens (with macro capability to 1:4) from a consignment store - it did...
Leaked Photos of Fuji’s New Instax Square Camera and Instant Film  

9 days ago

just saw this earlier today on Facebook.

10 days ago

Hi folks ,trying out some ideas presented for discussion by a very talented individual, namely the use of the Desaturation control to adjust contrast and tones ? in Black and W...

12 days ago

From the director of John Wick & the upcoming Deadpool 2 comes another ass-kicker to watch out for... Warning: NSFW I think we can safely say this won't be rated PG...

13 days ago

Saw this on an impulse, and wasnt quite sure what to make of it. Nominated for the best film in a foreign language oscar. Its not as funny as had been made out, and at 2hr...
Found one in the local pawn shop marked up for £150, went and had a look at it, everything seems to work as intended until I checked the main lens, the front element is fine but...
1300kg Kodak prostar plus developer and fixer in boxes of 2 bottles of 5lt CAT 506 7516 and CAT 506 7523 these liquids are for microfilms   Attached Fil...

14 days ago

Using a Sony NEX camera as a digital back on a Nikon FE. ==> Using a Sony NEX as a digital back for a Nikon FE film SLR camera | Nikon Rumors  

15 days ago

From Dean Devlin, writer and producer of Independence Day, whose jealous of the world ending events from his director friend Roland Emmerich, decides to have a go himself! (me, ...
A few years ago, I bought an Epson Perfection V600 and scanned a bunch of my old 35mm negatives. Overall I think they look decent, but I'm wondering if there's a good way to re...
Can somebody give me an overview on how to develop photographs at home? I know this is common practice now now but I am new to photography as a personal interest and am unsure ...

19 days ago

A few weekends ago, I popped in to a camera swap meet "just to look." Now that you've all stopped laughing... I ended up with a Voitlander Vitomatic IIIb for $10 because t...
Hi guys After taking the finder of my Bronica ETRSi (thank you again, Jeff) to clean it, I cant get the finder back on. It sits the slots but where as normally you push it fo...
Hi guys I'm looking to invest in a scanner for my negatives. I mostly shoot medium format but I will need to be able to scan 35mm on occasion and sometimes 4x5 too. My budget...
NSFW (swearing) but another great teaser. Anyone know the significance of having "Firefly" posters all over the place?

20 days ago

I haven't touched film since early 2004 and that was with a minolta dynax which did most of the work and my last venture with a fully manual camera was as a student in the late ...
Hi All, I'll keep it brief, My Minolta XGM (1982) has underexposed a new, ISO 200 36 exp. Kodacolor roll (it's first roll in 10 years), 100% consistently - by around 1 st...
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