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Mel Gibson directs the true story of Desmond Doss, a conscientious objector who joined the army in WWII but refused to pick up a gun. Caught this last night. It's...


M as in milestone: The new Leica M10 impresses with more compact dimensions, improved performance and even more intuitive handling. Wetzlar, 18 January 2017. An iconic came...
A friend brought his late parents' camera in today for me to see. It has a couple lenses with it : a Korean 28mm macro and a Sears 60-300mm ( also made in Korea ). Looking at th...
Goals; capture atmosphere and essence. Overall impression. Pull one single or simple detail and try to make it interesting. Walk around building and carefully observe the buildi...

2 days ago

A Selfie Stick for a 4x5" Camera  
Hi Guys, I am new to film photography, wonder if anyone knows where to get Fuji Natura 1600 in Singapore. Thanks in advance!

3 days ago

Watched a preview of this at Odeon tonight. All I will say is, if you're planning on watching this, watch it soon. Avoid all articles/reviews/spoilers. That is all. What d...
I saw this on Friday night and thought it was really great. I'm still thinking about it today. It's funny and heartfelt and charming and I'm looking forward to seeing it again. ...

5 days ago

Hope this is the most appropriate sub-forum) Using my Epson 4870 PHOTO scanner bought many years ago, I've scanned thousands of slides, but last year following a move to Win1...
I am having trouble getting sharp focus. Assuming everything thing is in proper order with exposure, shutter speed, and aperture. No tripod. Understand the basics of hand stabil...
According to Amazon UK this is supposed to be out to buy next week. Had no idea it had even been made. Unfortunately Roger Corman did not return to direct this http://...

6 days ago

Just saw this! Psycho
Thought it was very good. Right up my street. Nothing you haven't seen before, but as a fan of Dennis Lehane's novels it was always going to be something I'd show an intere...

7 days ago

Hi Everyone, Recently i bought a contax T3 which fungus growed on lens and view finder, anyone can advice any shop which still do cleaning service for this contax compact...
Hi, was wondering if anyone knows how to get ADOX 09 or Rodinal in SG? Most of the overseas sites won't ship to me as they classify this formulation as poison. Just ran out of s...

8 days ago Alright, so they are only thinking about it, but who knows! S  

10 days ago

I could not see any other thread for this forthcoming sci-fi film and so started this. The trailers look interesting, something like Alien meets Gravity. With Jake Gyllenhall. R...
I was given this lens lately by someone I know who was big into photography in the 1960's and 70's. It's the lens from his Enlarger he said he had onto it as it was worth some ...
No rules can be any character that has appeared in any of the movies (not including the shorts) recurring or not. To get the ball rolling I'll go with Roman Pearce, brought...

13 days ago S  

14 days ago

We just have to wait out the gestation period: KodakAlaris | KodakAlaris  
Hi everyone, I have been using RZ67 for natural light outdoor shoot for quite some time and i wanted to try in studio. I try to search the set up in (transmitter) cable thinggy ...

15 days ago

So ill be heading to VT in a week and a half for the long weekend. Unfortunately a back issue will most likely prevent me from skiing so Ill have a weekend to spend alone with t...

17 days ago

Just back from watching my first film of 2017, and what a start. Really good film, excellent story, delivered in an emotionally heart wrenching way. Very fine acting from the yo...

18 days ago

Hi Guys, I am new to developing my own film but I heard of this New55 R5 Monobath. Apparently I dont think its in Singapore yet, I am trying to get it from overseas, any id...
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