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Sharing something that might be interesting for film shooters. A daylight development tank like a Peterson tank minus the darkroom. The project is called Lab-Box, details a...


Whilst browsing these very forums, the sound of a girl shouting fills the room. I look up to see Clint Eastwood being dragged along the floor and subsequently to an all-girls sc...
Last Saturday (Feb 18th), a fellow came into the shop to pay and pick up a Fuji XF 35/2 lens to go with his X-Pro2 and 23/2 lens but walked out with a Bessa R3M and Skopar 2...

2 days ago

Hi, New around here so "hello" folks! I really want to use my studio flash (strobes) with my MF cameras. My experiments so far resulted in blank film, so not good! Inspite of...
LAB-BOX Lets You Develop Your Film at Home Without a Darkroom  
Hi guys.. I'm just wondering where can I find a scanner to scan in my negatives..? I figured scanning at shops cost too much every time I'm done shooting 😧

3 days ago

I was given this lens a while ago and I have been considering getting an adapter to mount to my Nikons. Anyone have experience shooting this lens on a modern DSLR?  

4 days ago

Went by a huge antique shop today just to peruse and found this little package for $115. Seemed too good (even though I don't even own an Olympus OM-1 lol) Canon A-1 w/ power...

6 days ago

After installing new light seals, replacement of the rubber "pad of death" cleaned the lens (looks great now)...but when I got my film processed this is what I got. ...
I went to see a Q&A showing of this last night and it's pretty enjoyable. I don't think anything Ben's done since Kill List has really lived up that film and this certainly...

8 days ago

I'm going through the Trek franchise from the beginning, and have just watched The Motion Picture for the first time in 12 or 13 years. As a kid, I pretty much hated this film a...
I thought I would share a link to the Zorki Photo website on how things are with film supply these days . New films , Re-releases , and a general resurgence in popularity . ...

9 days ago

Hi Clubsnapper Need a bit help, thank is advance any information given. Brought a TLR for a price of 2 cigarette packs, Shutter,aperture and self timer jam. Manage to get...

12 days ago

Took my 35mm Ilford HP5 out of the tank after stand development and saw that the base side was a thick gray and had some elements of the photos from the emulsion side on it. So,...

13 days ago

I am intending to use film again after 2 years purely digital workflow.. Used to have a plustek 8200ai, and really like how compact it is plus I can keep it in the dry cab, bu...

15 days ago

I have been kindly granted the opportunity by my college (Plymouth College Of Art) to go to Poland in March with another student to be part of the Holocaust Educational Trust. I...

16 days ago

I have noticed is zipping noise when advancing film on the Pro-S back for the Mamiya RB 67. I don't remember it making this noise on my first roll. Is this normal for it to soun...
I have a huge number of 35mm, medium format (6x6, 645, 6x7), and 4x5 transparencies and negatives, that I'd like to convert to digital. Some are unmounted, mounted in cardboard...

17 days ago

Profoto Warehouse sales 8th to 10th Feb 2017 at Shriro 11 Chang Charn Road #06-01 time : 10am to 5pm
Found this bad boy at the local flea market this weekend. The lens is super clean and all shutter speeds seem to be in working order. The rear curtain shutter is sluggish but si...
Hi All, I shot a bit of 35mm a few years ago in college and have since been shooting exclusively digital for work and other things since then. I recently picked up a Mamiya 6...

18 days ago

IMDB are closing their messaging boards which is such a shame, I love going in there and checking out what others thought of a movie/TV show and going through theories ETC and t...
Anyone been to see this? I thought it was good without being great, some nice references but I really couldn't get over Bojack Horseman doing the voice. Nice plot and good...

21 days ago

Happy new year to all LF sifu. My itchy fingers got me into trouble recently - (accidentally) won a funny lens called (C P Goerz Dagor f6.8 300mm) at the Bay. I really rea...

22 days ago Due mid-February, according to the blurb. S  
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