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Casio - IQ2 Brain Supplement

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You can start out with a compliment, such as "I've had fun talking to you, and I've totally forgotten your name." If you've blanked on a name just a few seconds after introduction, you can be honest and say: "I'm sorry, I missed your name." And finally, repeat their name in the conversation. And the most natural way to do it is to conclude your conversation with their name. National Geographic IQ2 Nootropic arranged a contest for making a mnemonic for the planetary system, including the dwarf planets. The winner was 10 year old Marin Smith, who designed the mnemonic: "My Very Exciting Magic Carpet Just Sailed under Nine Palace Elephants." Mnemonics are memory aids that help us recollect information. When there are tons of things in your head, recollecting them becomes difficult. Also, as students, we all had a tough time trying to recollect difficult terms, ending up losing our scores. To aid our memory, we all used a simple mnemonic technique, giving acronyms, or making a funny sentence out of keywords, etc. However, mnemonics is an ancient technique, which is also used by professionals. The trick is to make things easy for the brain to recollect.

Date: Mar 10, 2017    Labels: Casio


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