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Casio - Exilim connect issue

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Good day,

I just bought and received my Casio ZR5000. Trying to use the smartphone remote shutter feature using exilim connect.

I can not get my LG L22 smartphone with android ver. 5+ to pair. The phone and the camera start searching. The phone locates the camera "ZR5000-B15A4B" I click on it. Then the phone says: "Pairing with ZR5000-B15A4B via Bluetooth. Please wait a few moments". I wait, some more waiting and even more waiting, then the camera times out and says "Could not connect with Bluetooth"

Is Exilim-connect usually a good software program? Could it be my phone or the camera? Any suggestions?

Date: Feb 11, 2017    Labels: Casio


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