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Testing 200 Mbps 4K 60P on the Yi 4K+

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I set the bitrate at 200 Mbps and shot for 1.25 hours, resulting in 47 GB's of video clips. The temperature was 76 F, with direct sunlight. No overheating, no frames dropped. Perfectly normal, except for somewhat higher battery draw, but I had still had 33% left when I stopped.

Here is the 200 Mbps-shot 4K 60P video:

This "hack" does not alter the firmware, it just loads the settings in memory. Doing that does not invalidate the warranty, and is easy to install. Does 200 Mbps make a difference compared with the default of 135 Mbps (a 50% increase)? Who knows; but it does not hurt!
Date: Oct 11, 2017   


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