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Looking for a stationary camcorder for a snooker room

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I'm looking for a camcorder for a snooker room (26' x 19'). It is to be permanently fixed in a stationary position on the wall near the ceiling, pointing at the table. Budget would be around £1000 (I'm in the UK, it's approx $1250 I think).

I've done some basic research and have seen cams like the X920 etc, but I am not sure what is the best camera to go for, for my purpose. I'd like at least HD quality, but I don't know if the 4K cams that are available in my budget are worth the extra.

My ideal requirements would be...

- Able to easily remotely start/stop recording by WiFi/phone

- Able to power from wall socket and not worry about battery life

- Can (preferably via wifi/phone) easily choose to browse, delete videos from the cam, or save them to an external source (probably a NAS) for later editing/viewing etc.

- Not have a recording time limit other than SD card size limits.

- Able to connect to a nearby TV (mounted just under the cam) to watch stored videos immediately after recording them.

- Video quality as good as it can be for the budget

- Sound quality as good as it can be for the budget

Any suggestions or advice would be welcome as I'm a complete novice with cameras. Thank you!
Date: Feb 16, 2017   


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