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Star Wars playground rumours from when you were a kid

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In the heady years before the internet when I was a kid and the fields were filled with a lush green and the only film rumours you heard were those floating round the playground at school.

I was 3 when the first star wars came out, my Dad took my brother to see it and I had to go and see some disney crap with my Mum because they thought I was too young to see it. I have never truly forgiven my parents for this betrayal

I finally saw it on a video tape showed at a school (I confess, not my dad actually took me out of school for this). My Dad worked in road safety and did a lot of school visits with David Prowse who appeared to have a copy of Star Wars on video before it appeared to rent and he would take this copy of star wars and show it in schools and kids would get to watch it if they listened to him babble on about the green cross code first. I think I was about 5 or 6 when I first saw it. I've seen the rest in the cinema.

Anyway as a kid besotted with star wars, my friends and I would pore over every detail and of course, there was always one kid who knew what was going to happen. Rumours that abounded that i can remember were:

There were movies that came out before Star Wars which covered the clone wars and of course, star wars was just the first one we were old enough to see. There was no internet and no video so it seemed plausible. Of course, these films were eventually made and the world became a darker place because of them.

That Vader would use the force to control Luke's prosthetic hand meaning his hand would attack him in return of the jedi.

So...what Star Wars rumours floated round your playground at school?
Date: Dec 20, 2016   


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