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What do you use to concatenate *mts snippets?

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my PVR records TV in *mts snippets of each 512MB (several of them in a row are e.g. one movie or series's episode). (They are both SD mpeg2 and HD x264 under the hood)

On my Mac I need to concatenate them.

I used to use Avidemux

put files in Avidemux. Cut. Then:

video output: copy

audio output: copy

output format: mpeg TS muxer (ffmpeg)

or mpeg PS muxer (ffmpeg)

Then I read that it creates non compliant files (?!?!?)

I was recommended mkvtoolnix


- compliant files

- tracks not needed can be eliminated (video-text, subtitles, other language tracks)

- FillerBytes (Nalu, Null-Bytes), can be eliminated, too => saves space but doesn't change quality/bitrate one bit


- no "Quickview" preview in Finder

- as far as I could test with mkv files from the internet they are not smooth/easy to scroll through in VLC.

What do you use?

Again, I don't want to encode them (change the bitrate / quality). I want to keep the original file just without the trash and not as several parts.

I found this but it doesn't first concatenate the snippets and cut of trash at beginning and end as far as I understand and mpegstreamclip is missing a component to read *mts.

Date: Aug 13, 2017   


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