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Slide film scanned less punch than the actual slide?

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This more related to film photography than digital darkroom "editing". Feel free to move though

I put aside some time to scan some film, in the past I had some that was done with a Nikon CS4000 and now the same done with an Epson V700, both printed A3 with the Epson R2880. Nikon was a bit better detail but both usable. Maybe larger sizes the Nikon would be more advantage. Both printed images were still a bit like a film image - yes I know film is film right. When we look at the actual slide it is backlighted, slick, smooth, sharp, contrast.

I have done the same to b/w film see that it has more atmosphere and medium format b/w particularly nice.

Like your thoughts, Cheers.

Date: Oct 12, 2017   


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