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Due to illness I have not visited since November 2016, to my great disappointment, when I logged in yesterday, I noticed that has become, or photo-bucket, or Picasa; a place to dump mediocre photographs of grand kids, pets, unidentified friends, with out regard for quality. Some photographs are several iterations of the same mundane subject (something is known for), a few were posted sideways. If you do not have the time to 'right up' a picture you should not be on If you are too lazy to come up with a caption (other than unknown) you do not need to be on Posting 14,147 pictures for 'critique' is ridiculous, especially if they are multiple iterations of your kid on a swing. I am not saying that there is NO quality; some of the posted pictures are very good, BUT a lot more of mundane "Fotkified" crap has been posted.

When my subscription expires I will not renew it.

Does any one know of an alternate web-site for serious photographers who wish to improve their technique?

Dragoslav T. "Mike" Marcovich

Date: Oct 13, 2017   

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