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Any photographic tips or tricks you'd like to share? casual conversation forum -
Last year we had a thread in which people provided tips that made their photographic life easier [link], and I’m still benefitting from those suggestions—my Muck boots now have somewhere around 300 miles on them (thank you, Julie H), and my camera now stays firmly in place in portrait orientation on my tripod (thank you, Ed), amongst others.

Over the past year I’ve found some new fixes to problems I was wrestling with, and I figured it might be time to start another tip thread. Here are my contributions:

- I tend to do a lot of low-light photography in forests while hiking with people (or a dog) who aren’t particularly patient in the presence of a tripod. I found I can get an extra one to two stops of stabilization if I attach a gorilla-pod to the camera and use it as a shoulder support (like a video camera shoulder support). This comes in particularly handy when I’m chasing bugs with my non-image-stabilized macro lens, but it’s also allowed me to get hand-held silky waterfalls with an IS lens.

- I’m now carrying a digital voice recorder in my camera bag to take notes for particular images—it’s been particularly useful for documenting conditions for nature images and for keeping track of experiments with lighting.

- I was having a hard time correcting strange white-balance issues with scanned color negatives in Lightroom, and clicking on something that was supposed to be neutral wasn’t helping. I found that if I racked the saturation up all the way, the nature of the color casts became a lot more evident (and it also became obvious that they weren’t going to be solved using the temperature and tint sliders).

So have you found any useful tricks that are helping you make the images you’re trying for?

Date: Oct 13, 2017   

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