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Canon - The evolution of the EOS system

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I just recently upgraded from a Canon 60D to the 80D, and along the way, decided to sell my 35-350mm f3.5-5.6 L for the 28-300mm iteration, partly for the fact the latter lens offers a bit wider short end for my 1.6x sensor, but mainly because it offers image stabilization.

Now (after the fact of course) I notice Canon has the 6D MkII on the street, and now it seems Canon is "getting with the program" and offering in-camera image stabilization. Price-wise the two are still a bit distant (~$1000 approximately) but between the horse trading I did to get the 80D and the 28-300, I think had I to do it again I would have opted to keep the 35-350 and just buy the 6D MkII.

Well I don't want to back track now...I do like the 80D but the appeal of a full-frame sensor AND in-camera IS in a body that is very close to being in financial reach is almost unbearable. Add to this the 6D offers the same multi-articulating LCD viewfinder I originally bought the 60D for.

So for you Canon aficionados...what are your thoughts here? Canon seems to be merging all the desirable features of their mid-range line with professional level, full frame bodies, and the in-camera IS would seem to make the future of lens based IS completely moot. But I suppose until they can squeeze IS into the xxD and Rebel series such lenses might still proliferate...

Date: Oct 12, 2017    Labels: Canon


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