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Nikon - Manual Focus on D600?

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I have been shooting with some of my MF Nikkors lately, mostly on my D600. I'm not happy with the focus accuracy. The "green dot" is okay, but a pain to use, at least for me. Today, I went out with the F3 HP, and the difference was huge. Even without the split-prism, I could get focus quickly and accurately, by which I mean that if I focused with the matte screen, it agreed perfectly with the split-image. (Lenses used were the 105 f2.5 AI and the 180 f2.8 AI.) I have now decided to order one of the Chinese-modified FM3 screens for the D600. I'd appreciate hearing any opinion on these, including warnings about installation problems, calibration (if needed) etc.

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Date: May 15, 2017    Labels: Nikon


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