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Kenko - Earliest Nikkors won't mount on my Kenko tubes

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I can't get my earliest Nikkor lenses (a 5.8cm f1.4 and 2.8cm f3.5) lenses to mount on my modern Kenko tubes. They are both John White ai'd and both mount to my D610 and PK-13 without a problem. Other lenses from the mid to late 1960's - a 105mm f2.5, 135 f2.8, and 200mm f4 (the first two are chopped while the last one is a full Nikon ai conversion) mount just fine on everything.

I'm guessing that the protruding baffle on the back of the two offending lenses is hitting against something in the tubes, but I can't figure out what.

Anyone have any experience with a similar issue or a possible way to fix it (other than buying some different tubes)? Thanks!
Date: Oct 11, 2016    Labels: Kenko


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