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Misfire HELP

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Picture this... I have been shooting just fine all day.. indoors and out... I'm at the base of the isle at a wedding, as the ceremony begins, my camera starts misfiring. When I use that term, I mean I am pressing the shutter release button and no photo is being taken.

This happened to me on my D90 & D3200, but I chocked it up to being the level of camera I was shooting on. This happened again with my new D750.

I was shooting on aperture priority mode when it happened. I tried switching to manual. I tried switching to automatic. I tried switching to manual focus from auto focus. I tried every combination but still, I had misfires in outdoor consistent light AND during the reception (which I am guessing is being the tent was very poorly lit).

What could be happening to cause a misfire in all modes? New class 10 memory cards, decent lenses...

Ideas welcome!

PS- I tried manually disabling in-body flash in those modes and it seemed to help.. but I am not sure if that's the complete answer.

Date: Oct 13, 2017   

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