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What's the point with ISO 125?

B&W Processing and film forum from -
Ehm... maybe I haven't understood the whole ISO metric

system (100, 200, 1600, 6400, and so on...) very well,

but... what's the deal with 125 films?!


I mean, there's an obvious difference between, say,

100 and 400 (grains, speed, and more), but what big a

difference could there be between 100 and 125? It's not

so much faster that you can clearly see a difference

in the grains or so. So... what's the point? Am I missing something?

I've tried using Kodak's 125 film, with not so positive

results compared to Tmax 100 or Fuji's Neopan SS, so...

does anyone know the "secret" behind 125 films?



Date: Apr 17, 2017   


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