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Minox - Some shots with Robot OS-35F Camera

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Hi all. I'm thinking many of the Minox camera users know Robot camera. Robot cameras are made from Germany too. And they are also spy gadget category. I have got many different type robot cameras. Last time I'm find a Robot OS-35F camera. It is electronic type, not a mechanic type. There is a 30mm F4 lens on the camera. I'm shoot all the photos Ilford Pan F out dated film. I'm set the camera 100ASA. Development D76, 1+0, 7:30 minutes. All the negatives 24x24mm. So, there is some lost areas when I scan it. Here are some informations about Robot cameras:

Next time I want to try some shots with my Minox B.

Best wishes from Ankara / Turkey.

Tolga ANIL

Date: Mar 16, 2017    Labels: Minox


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