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Camera-agnostic audio solutions

Art of Filmmaking -
Nothing is more unnerving then filming with cameras that either don't have a mic port or a headphone port.

When audio situation arises unexpected;y, there is often little time to rig up your cammera.

Over the past months of shooting with the EOS M5 - a camera without a headphone port - I have learnt to rely confidently on some mics and recorders that will start recording without any cabling or fussing. They work so well, I found myself getting lazy and using them even when shooting with camcorders with full audio capabilities!

It is very liberating to shoot bare-body without cages, XLR adapters, mixers, wireless receivers, headphones, etc.

Saramonic SR-VRM1

This XLR recorder is by far my favorite piece of gear. It is now permanently attached to a senheisser e835 which I use for all voxpop interviews. A solid red LED tells you the mic is recording and you can count on it to deliver quality audio in the noisiest of venue. Works with both dynamic or condenser mics and can even supply phantom power. Loved it so much, I got a second one to plug into venue mixers.

MemoQ MR-80

This clip-on recorder can be quickly slipped into a speaker's pocket or clipped on the collar for excellent under-the-nose miking. No cables, no rustling,no bodypack, no monitoring. no interference. It just works. A LCD display tells you battery life and timecode.

Tascam DR-10CS

This is a real jack of all trades like the Zoom H1n except it is a fraction of the size, has pass through audio and dual track safety recording. I have used it with lavaliers, shotguns and wireless receivers.

Shure VP83F

On the rare occasion when an onboard shotgun mic is the last resort, the Shure lenshopper offers 3 fail safe features regardless of your camera choice:

Internal recording to microSD - no mic port needed

Headphone monitoring = total peace of mind

3.5mm output - if your camera has a micport

Put on the end of a selfie stick for short distance booming. No cables!
Date: Oct 7, 2017   

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