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Photoshop - Free DxO OpticsPro 11 Essential Edition

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And once again the good guys at DxO are giving away their DxO OpticsPro 11 (the latest version) Essential Edition for free.

It supports most of the modern cameras and a large number of lenses with automatic or manual correction of exposure, sharpness, colours, chromatic aberrations and lens distortions both for Jpeg and RAW images.

All in all a very nice piece of image conversion and editing software worth $129.

Just click on the link below to get your download link for both Mac and PC version and your free registration code.

The list of supported cameras and lenses is here:

The overview and features of the program are here:

PS. This is not an Elite Edition with all the options activated, but still a very good program, especially for free.

Date: Oct 5, 2017    Labels: Photoshop


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