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Fujinon, Schneider - Fujinon fuji W 250mm f/6.7 --VS-- Schneider Angulon 210mm F/6.8

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Hard to find nowadays good copy of Schneider Angulon 210mm F/6.8... What do you think Fujinon W 250mm F/6.7 could be a good alternative as gentle wide angle lens on 8x10 to Schneider Angulon 210mm F/6.8. Both have pretty much the same angle of view and image circle but different focal length.

Fujinon W 250mm f/6.7, image circle 398, angle of view 80

Schneider Angulon 210mm F/6.8, image circle 382, angle of view 85

Thanks so much to every reply!
Date: Jan 29, 2017    Labels: Fujinon Schneider


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