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Fujinon - Fujinon (N)W 210mm

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Hi Knowledgeable ones,

I am wondering, if someone can tell me the viewing or picture angle of my Fujinon - NW 1:5.6/210 , I seem not to be able to find this information on the net. I understood so far that this is dependent on focus distance (and aperture) but some ballpark figure would help. I am expecting a Schneider-Kreuznach Linhof Tele-Arton 5.5/270 I got cheaply, 'um inexpensively and wonder how this compared… I am planning to use the Tele-Arton for portraits and found a 32° viewing angle for the this lens on the web. The 210 is ok for upper body half portraiture…

Thank You!

Date: Apr 20, 2016    Labels: Fujinon


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