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Fujinon - Fujinon 600mm C f11.5 vs. Red Dot Artar 600mm Leses on 8x10?

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What differences in performance, effective apertures, etc., might one expect between a Fujinon 600 Compact f11.5 and a Goerz Red Dot Artar 600mm (mounted in a shutter) when used on an 8x10.

For example, the Fujinon will have a larger image circle, but as a practical matter, does this really matter for 8x10?

I know that the Goerz lens is optimized for shorter distances, so what aperture must one use on a Red Dot Artar for acceptable sharpness at infinity, assuming that the negative might be enlarged to 2x to 3x the negative size?
Date: Apr 10, 2016    Labels: Fujinon


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