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Divided Pyrocat and Ilford Delta 100

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I?ve been happily using divided Pyrocat HD in glycol for years with Kodak T-Max 100 (in a JOBO ATL 1500), but my local camera shop stopped carrying TMX and now carries Delta 100. It is way less expensive these days, so I picked up a box and expected to make a few tweaks and come up with something workable. Not so much, at least not yet. The film yields accurate shadow details at full speed (100). When I place something at zone 3, that?s what I get. However the highlights are off the chart.

TMX 100 appears to respond differently to divided pyrocat, with the developer acting like a genuine compensating developer. I rarely need to worry about highlights, even in bright sun. So far, with Delta 100, the highlights are way beyond reasonable levels, even though I have 1) reduced the divided developing times to 4.5 minutes in each bath and 2) decreased the strength of the solution A and B solutions from my usual 1:20 to 1:25 and then to 1:30.

It?s beginning to look like the Pyrocat HD & Ilford Delta 100 do not play well together and I need to abandon this effort - or try another developer entirely. Anyone else had success with that particular combo?
Date: Oct 7, 2017   


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