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cell phone photos from a Canadian Ice Road

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I have recently started my forth year as an ice road trucker and thought that some people may enjoy the photos.

Sorry that they are from a lousy cell phone. I am usually too tired to even consider dragging out a real camera.

This weather front hit us hard the next morning.

A grader plowing the ice, keeping the road open.

sorry, I do not know how it got flipped upside down.

My trailers.

After a security officer, and a grader both got stuck within 10 minutes they parked us there for around 20 hours.

They did not want to risk us getting stuck.

This is a photo of the ice.

The cracks and bubbles are very similar to what you would see in an ice cube. Just in a bigger scale.

Those pictures were just from my first trip, and I am hoping on 14 more this year. I will try posting photos as I go along.

This year every trip is 3 daya long without any issues.
Date: Feb 16, 2017   


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