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Manfrotto going downhill?

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On Oct 9, 2017, Rich A wrote

(in ):

First, they ship production of some things to China, then they announce new,

cheapo carbon fibre tripod. If you look at the ball-head on this, you can

match it directly to any number of no-name Chinese models out there. I've

seen monopods for $25.00 with the same head, exactly the same head, sans the

Manfrotto logo.

The thing to remember is Manfrotto and Gitzo come out of the same stable, and

Manfrotto has taken on the role of the budget line. Sort of like FCA owning

and manufacturing Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Ferrari, with Chrysler, and FIAT.

These days there is good value to be had from some of the other

manufacturers, Sirui, Oben, and Manfrotto at the medium to budget end

($120-$300), and with premium Gitzo, Induro, and Really Right Stuff tripods

in the $900+ range, If I were spending big money, I would go with the RRS


I have a quite hefty aluminum Manfrotto 3021BPro, and a slightly lighter Slik

CF. I would not consider either one for more than car trips. So I am

considering a more packable and lighter travel tripod, not another heavy

tripod. In that regard I am looking at either the Sirui T-025X/T-024X, Oben

CT3535/CT-3561, or the Manfrotto BeFree. As far as the two Manfrotto tripods

mentioned in the dpreview article, I would have to wait to see the full specs

as I am looking for something which would fit comfortably in a carryon bag.

All of the travel t-pods I have listed meet that criteria with regard to

weight, and folded length.



Date: Oct 10, 2017   


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