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How do you post things on Instagramr without losing one's copyright?

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How do you post things to Instagram, Imgur, or Flickr without losing

one's copyright?

I don't know that anything I have is worth anything financially but I do

want the credit. My name or my father's name accompanying every

properly used use of the photo.

Right now, two things are on the horizon. I'm transcribing my father's

trip diary from a trip he took in 1936, and I'm scanning the photos he

took on the trip.

I'm his only surviving heir. And my mother left everything he left her

to me. Does that mean I myself have any rights regarding these things?

Even if I have no rights to the pictures, since no one can get into my

house and copy them, I have the vague idea that I'd have rights to the

scanned copy I plan to make of them, for posting online, and that those

rights would last as long and be as strong as if I'd taken the pictures

myself. Am I right at all?

And how do I post these pictures and the separate text to Instagram,

Imgur, or Flickr without losing my copyrights?

Date: Oct 10, 2017   


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