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Anoncoward: 1 of 2 :)

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While it's not surprising to see that the Anoncoward spins posts to

make them out to be something they aren't the majority of the time,

it went way above the call of duty from a little white lie that could

easily be blamed on it's repeatedly demonstrated difficulty

understanding english to an outright bull**** story for which there

is no defense:

However, I do have a "friend" or

two who are intimately (personally) familiar with the facts

regarding his arrest and conviction.

****end paste

As some of you who were around when Melissa was 'news', the above is

bull****, outright, bull**** on the part of the Anoncoward. No such

'friend' or two exists that has any intimate information on my so

called arrest for the Melissa virus. As, no such thing ever took

place. It goes onto claim that if I ever did anything else after

getting 'busted' due to Melissa, my 'probation' would nullify and i'd

be in real trouble.

I look forward to it explaining how I was able to write Toadie and

Irok after Melissa and both display my handle Raid. BFG So much for

the probation story, intimate friends, etc. It's full of **** and

this solidifies that educated opinion.

I wrote the Toadie virus family (4 varients) and later, the Irok

virus family. ALL signed using my well established handle, Raid/slam.

Both virus families were written AFTER the Melissa virus author was



David got busted in March, 1999 and sentenced in December 1999.

v1.0 of Toadie was written in July 1999. The final variant was

written in August of 1999.

v1.0 of IroK was written in February, 2000. The final variant was

written in June of 2000. Both virus families created and released

after David was already busted for Melissa. Irok virus family created

after David was already sentenced.

All the Anoncoward actually does is google search for me, find posts

(some going back decades as it incorrectly thinks posts that old

actually matter); assume everything in the post is completely

accurate, that I actually wrote it; yep, it's fallen for the posts

that weren't written by me, but posted with one of my handles. It

incorrectly assumes (due to it's far less than stellar IT knowledge)

that handles/nyms are set in stone and nobody else can use one that's

already being used. Yes, it's that kind of stupid.

And put it's own 'damning' spin on the events; what little it's

actually able to read and understand, that is.

When that doesn't work, it makes up complete stories to cover it's

own ass. Just like the Melissa one. While I've seen it lie it's ass

off many times since it began it's childish and worthless flooding

campaign, I've never seen it resort to making up a story from

scratch, until now:

However, I do have a "friend" or

two who are intimately (personally) familiar with the facts

regarding his arrest and conviction.

**** end paste

I personally think it's resorted to doing this because it's not

getting the results it expects, much like a small child throwing a

tantrum because you said no, they can't have the new toy or candy

bar. It only expects the 'everybody give him the silent treatment'

because the level of maturity it's demonstrated on multiple occasions

is that of a small child. 'If you talk to him, you aren't my friend

anymore' kind of reasoning.

This will be my last post concerning the Anoncoward as I'm certain

this post does infact prove that it lies quite a bit concerning what

I have and haven't done. I see no reason to continue defending

myself, when it's provided me this all tied up with a nice bow around

it. I'd be a fool not to take full advantage of the gift. [g]

Thanks for your time. And I thank the anoncoward as well for taking

the time to write a complete bull**** story about myself and the

Melissa virus and some so called 'friends' who have intimate

knowledge of the subject. The anoncoward might want to question

his/her friends about the obvious lie they fed it. Toadie and irok

viruses can be googled and anybody can see when they were found in

the wild/discovered. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see it was

After the Melissa incident and with Irok, after David was already

convicted. There's clearly no way for it to spin itself out of this



Now for a cheeky message from our sponsors:

There are more men than women in mental hospitals - which just goes

to show who's driving who crazy.
Date: Oct 9, 2017   


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