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Viewing images on a HD plasma screen

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I would like to find out if anyone else views their images on a HD television screen. Last year I did the wedding shots for a friend, printed some out for them and gave them the memory stick. The colour saturation on the printed images looked very natural and exactly like the images viewed on my desktop monitor. However, when I presented the couple with the Sandisk USB flash drive, the first thing they did was to view it on their telly, and the colours were shocking, really oversaturated.

This weekend I tried the same thing on our telly and the results were just the same - shocking, oversaturated colours. The prints and monitor images looked fine though.

I went through the menu section on our TV (LG plasma) and the current setting for "picture" is "Cinema" which for everyday viewing is very realistic. Some of the other settings are very vivid indeed, and I wouldn''t dream of using them.

I realise that a lot of folks will want to view images on a TV, so is there a way around this problem?

Date: Oct 10, 2017   


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