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FSU Challenge - Registration & Chat

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Welcome to the FSU Challenge, a celebration of camera gear made in the former Soviet Union.

This is the registration thread. To register, please post in this thread, confirming that you intend to take part, and please include a photo or two of the gear you plan to use. General chat about the challenge, the gear, etc, is also welcome here.

About the challenge

This challenge is for fun - there are no prizes other than the adulation of the collective.

The challenge is now open.

The closing date is November the 7th, 2017 - exactly 100 years from the start of the October Revolution.

You may register at any time before the closing date.


All photos must have been taken during the challenge.

Cameras and lenses used for the challenge must have been made in the former Soviet Union in the period 1917 to 1991 inclusive.

All other equipment can be anything you like.

No restrictions on type, make or amount of film you use.

If you think you can influence votes by using additional FSU kit or, indeed, Svema film, then go for it (and don't be shy about making it known).

Entering and voting

There are four categories for entries...

- Machinery & Industry

- The Workers

- Propaganda

- Anything Goes

Participants may enter a maximum of one photo per category, and may enter as many categories as they like.

Each category may be approached as the photographer sees fit.

Entries to be posted in separate threads for each category. (Links to these threads will be added here in due course.)

A poll will be added to each thread after the closing date, at which point, voting will be open.

All forum members may vote.

Voting will close one month after the challenge closing date - 7th December.

The winner in each category is the participant with the most votes.

The overall winner is the participant who has gained the most votes in any one category (ie, not an aggregate).

Joint winners are possible (no tie-breaks).

Date: Apr 19, 2017   

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