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Canon - Thinking of abandoning Canon..... or not!

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Hi all,

I think we've all likely been in this situation for one reason or another: looking to upgrade but finding the choice overwhelming, and then getting caught in a loop of constantly re-checking camera specs against rivals to see which is best!

I'm on the verge of turning professional: currently have a full time job, getting more interest in the photography business i started up. More challenging assignments and wanting to give better results.

With some luck and post processing trickery, I've got away with a Canon 760d and some semi decent glass til now.

However, I'm looking to upgrade to get better results (see requirerments below).

As I'm looking at full frame, it makes most of my lenses redundant (either EFS lenses or won't give as good results on a FF body).

This means that I'm relatively open to abandoning Canon if the right manufacturer is worth switching to.

What I want to achieve:

-Higher resolution pictures

-Better image quality

-Better low light performance

-More dynamic range

What i will use it for:

-Live music events

-Commercial (headshots and corporate events)


-Some general street and architecture

What I've considered looked at so far (and begun to agonise over!):

Canon 5D iv

Nikon D810

Sony A99 ii

Holding out for the Canon 6D ii specs


Around £3000 for camera and first good quality lens (similar to a Canon 24-70 2.8 L)

Although cheaper would be good, or cheaper DSLR and more good glass to put in front of it.

So, your your thoughts on budget, options so far, advice on dos/donts, any other brands or models you would advise on, best lenses/camera brand combo, etc.

Date: Apr 21, 2017    Labels: Canon

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