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New to the darkroom - Info on the Automega D3 enlarger

The Darkroom -
Hey everyone,

I recently purchased all the dark room equipment needed to have a fully set up dark room. I bought it all second hand and locally. They said they haven't used in around 7 years but it was working amazingly when they were using it.

In the package was the Automega D3 Enlarger (and a tons of odds and ends that go with it). I'm looking for maybe some reading material on the anatomy of an enlarger and how to use it. What i'll need to keep in mind when enlarging. I've been watching videos and reading a lot online before the purchase.

Does anyone have any knowledge on this enlarger that they'd like to share with me? Maybe some reading material that I should check out! It didn't come with a manual and I can't seem to find any anywhere else!

Please keep in mind that I have never dark roomed ever before and this is all just to get started and learning how it works and growing my knowledge of film photography!

Thanks so much!

Date: Mar 27, 2017   


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