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Sony - Sony A7r with LA-EA4 issues

Sony NEX Talk Forum: Digital Photography Review -
I created a post about not being able to switch to Movie mode A,S, and M without going to full MF. It turns out it happens only when I am using the LA-EA4. I used a Tamron lens, so I don't know if it would be OK for a native Sony lens.

While I'm at it. I have also found:

No EXIF info on lens name when a 3rd party lens is used. The 135 STF shows up fine with the adaptor.

Continuous focus in movie mode is actually excellent. I don't have the A99, and now I see how instant AF in movie shooting is like. It's great.

Steady Shot - I cannot enable it. Is it because of the Tamron lens or Steady Shot is not supported with the LA-EA4? (I tried a couple E mount lenses and the Steady Shot cannot be enabled as well.)
Date: Nov 20, 2013    Labels: Sony


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