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Sony - Osprey and the SAL70300G/EA2/7Osprey and the SAL70300G/EA2/7

Sony NEX Talk Forum: Digital Photography Review -
We are learning this lens . . . and with the EA2/7 it is a lot of fun. This is the takeoff sequence for one of the pair of ospreys from a "lookout spot".???This is the pair surveying their domain . . .??And the lower one found me!!!?These are neat birds. Fortunately, he decided there were easier prey.The EA2/G was far more capable than the photographer. The equipment could keep up with the AF challenges of this situation. The photographer had a very hard time keeping the center spot on that bird's eyes! Practice, practice, practice.This BIF photography stuff is really challenging and LOTS OF FUN!Happy New Year to all . . .Jack--
Date: Dec 29, 2012    Labels: Sony


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