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Hoya, Kenko - Hoya HD / Kenko Zeta

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I've been looking to add an UV or protection filter, seeing that being quite new in the world of DSLR, I would rather clean a filter than the front element as much as possible (until I am more comfortable with maintenance).I've done a lot of reading, including the whole filter vs no filter debate which I am not getting into. The lens hood does protect my lens fine, I do not expect lens filters to protect blunt trauma, it's just a question of maintenance.I've have also read about the various brands and grade of filters, and was initially leaning towards the Hoya HD. It appears to be stu, the slight (0.35%) loss of light vs the SMC is a pity, but I was willing to trade it for ease of cleaning which the SMC was notorious for being hard to do.However, Hoya do not seems common in Japan, and the nearest match would be it's Kenko sibling. There seems to be a debate as to whether Kenko and Hoya are identical in their earlier filters, with lenstips test suggesting that they are not.It is pretty clear however that the Kenko Zeta and Hoya HD are not the same thing. Different layers of coating, the Kenko Zeta lets about the same amount of light as the Hoya SMC (99.7%) while losing the stronger glass.However, if it is just a rebranded SMC, it would probably be more of a pain to clean than I'd like.So my question, to anyone who has had experience with both the Kenko Zeta and Hoya SMC/HD is how does the Kenko perform as far as ease of cleaning is concerned? If it performs like the SMC, while being as easy to clean as the HD, then hurrah, because I can get them easily here. Otherwise, I'll have to look at importing a Hoya HD (that's fine, I have relatives in different countries including the US, so I won't have to worry about ending with a counterfeit - although it's of course a bit of a hassle).Thanks
Date: Apr 6, 2016    Labels: Hoya Kenko


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