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Casio - ZR800 RAW files: How best to open and adjust?

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As received knowledge implies that RAW files should yield better detail than plain jpegs, I thought I'd see how the RAW files from my ZR800 fared. The only applications I have had my brief experience with are DxO and SilkyPix for my Panasonic cameras. As DxO hasn't got round to dealing with Casio models, I found that the only application I had that would open  the camera's 24.7MB .DNG files was a newly acquired Affinity Photo. But after some brief adjustments,  I didn't seem to get anything better than the original 6.3MB jpeg file, and the .DNG file had grown to 154.2MB.

Is there any other application, short of Photoshop, that might help improve the RAW file without bloating it so much?

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Date: Apr 27, 2016    Labels: Casio


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