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Casio - A new super-wide compact, a la TRYX, on the horizon: LG G5 - 135 degree angle of view

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A tiny bit off-topic, but:

For those who love the Casio TR100/TRxxx/TRYX for its unique combination of a decent wide-angle (20mm) *and* being very compact(*), here is a new must-have on the horizon, the LG G5; even though they forgot to do in-camera fisheye-correction (single-axis, oddly!), having an angle of view of 135 degrees is baffling good, bordering on overkill:

(first site I found, any better & more tech is welcome of course, DP included?)

Note that 20mm equals 94 degrees (diagonally, just like LG G5 was measured); 17mm = 104 degrees, and 14mm is 114 degrees; in the analog days, 135/140 degrees belonged to swing-lens panorama a la Horizon 202 & Noblex, but at 24x58mm / 24x66mm / 50x120mm ratio's (& 28/26/50mm lens (latter equivalent to 24mm)).

(the horizontal angle of view would be about 120 degrees)

(*) unlike Samsung WB210, Panasonic FZ72/70 and Olympus TG850 (offset by having respectively zoom, ultra-zoom & being waterproof; and the latter two for having near-infinite panorama-angles(!))

PS: in case I overlooked any more recent compact cameras with 20mm optics or (better, being totally unique!) less, please tell!

PPS: have not done much research yet, but did anyone ever find an Android-based HDR-Art application that does the same lovely job as Casio?

My Motorola G3 does have ordinary HDR, but even that is far from impressive (and nothing video-based either, neither regular nor Art).

Would be cool to have on that cam-like Samsung too.

(the one with protruding & expanding zoom-lens; as a camera, it also has/had the largest screen on the market; a selling point Samsung overlooked, oddly, even Samsung folks at Photokina didn't grasp that fact/feature when asked/confronted...:))

DPreview itself has totally overlooked this aspect on the LG G5, it seems:

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Date: Apr 19, 2016    Labels: Casio


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