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More than a year ago

Do you think that the new Tamron 150-600 zoom with Canon EF mount plus Metabones III will be feasable for the A7 with AF and AE?-- hide signature --Cheers, Erik
HiI was worndering if there are more companies than Nikon, Sigma, Tamron whose lens work with D5200 ?
Pentax K-3 with Tamron 90.  50-135 got dusted off today since it looks like more flowers are on the way, finally.More on Leo's flowers.
on 18-270, $70.00 on Tamron Web site on the bottom of the lens page.-- hide signature --I'm not a pixel peeper. I just shoot images.
A couple of shots from last spring. Just now getting around to processing. I bought my Tamron 180 in used like new condition. Great lens so far.
I am considering trading in my Sigma 50-500 for the new Tamron..does anyone have any info on the comparison of the two lenses?-- hide signature --Bill Romer
Is any one can provide the link to see if my Tamron 150-600 serial number is amount the ones needs to get fix.I have a Nikon D7200 and I'm experiencing some blackouts. I look i...
Is there an adapter that will allow me to place a Pentax K mount, Tamron 500mm lens on a Mamiya 545 Pro TL body?
Which adaptall2 Tamron adapter will safely fit my Nikon D7200, allowing me to use fstops in Aperature Priority mode?
Looking at getting a used lens, either the tamron 70-300mm, sigma 70-300mm or the canon 75-300mm.What are peoples thoughts on these lenses? Is there one of these that is bet...
Hey.. I wanted to know, how can i refund a tamron lense or get rid of it, i bought it on 5th of august, and now its my second day.. Please someone tell me what are my options a...
I was reading the kurt munger review of this lens, and it seems to be the twin of the Sony 70-300, so I'm curious if the tamron will fool my A99?
After reading the great comments on the Tamron 70-200,I wonder if it will out perform my older Nikkor 80-200 f2.8 ??
I'm considering getting rid of my Nikon 18-200mm travel lens in favour of a 16-300mm Tamron lens. Am I mad? Has anyone had any real life experience of the two lens?
Hello.Anyone has advice on where to go/send the lens for repair? It's gray market so the Tamron people can't deal with it.Thank you.E
I know there are live view issues with the Sigma lens, does anyone know if the Tamron 24-70 is Df compatible?
The DX Tamron 11-18 covers full frame on an FE body at 14mm, will it be allowed to do so on the D610?-- hide signature --Tim Baker
Thinking of using this as my kit lens for my 6D. Which one will be good and long lasting? Canon, Sigma or Tamron? Please help.
Hello Everyone,Does anyone know if the D200 is compatible with a Tamron 70-210 F4-5.6 AF lens model 258DN.I'm having a hard time finding out on the net.Thanks
Got the chance to try a Tamron 90mm macro. Pleasant lens to work with.All comments are welcome.-- hide signature --Kind regardsØyvind
I am very newbie to dslr.  How does image quality looks in D90,D7xxx series ?Compare to Tamron 28-70Thanks.
Does anyone use the older Tamron 90mm macro lens? The one without VC. How is it and is it an annoyance that the lens extends when focusing? The price is definitely right. Than...
Have a Tamron lens coming (500mm Mirror) that is suppose to be adaptall mount (but it is coming with a canon). Do I just need to get a adaptall to PK mount for this? Are an...
Does anyone have input regarding a US resident purchasing a Tamron lens with a Canadian warranty?-- hide signature --www.MichaelKaplanPhotography.com___________________________
Any recommendations on a circular polarizer for the Tamron 150-600? Looking advice from those who have used it on their lens @ 600mm without any major IQ issues. Thank you!
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