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18 days ago

Hi would like some recommendations for a Ricoh system so that I can bring overseas for some photography as it is light weight etc I'm OK to explore film or digital on the ricoh ...

More than a year ago

A handful of shots from the Ricoh GR, taken in Baltimore yesterday.  What impresses me most about the Ricoh GR is how easy it is to use.  The grip is comfortable, and the contro...
An interesting review of the latest version of the Digital GR. Review: The 2013 Ricoh GR (digital V) Mine is on order!
I seem to recall a blog post that a Ricoh regular posted which gave a peek into Ricoh's camera factory. Have tried googling but can't seem to find it anymore (or maybe I was mis...
Go to the Ricoh GR JPEG comparison images in the preview here and substitute the Sony NEX 3 N  for the Fuji and compare both in RAW and JPEG to both the Nikon A and the Ricoh GR...
Well, according to Ken, forget the GR - it's a toy for hobbyist. He prefers an iPhone 5.
I just found this. Thought others interested would like a read.
Question? Are there any legalities from Leica preventing Ricoh from doing so? Ricoh would be the talk of the town if they were to do this. I have put off buying the A12 APSC for...
Ricoh Folks,I wish to buy a new Ricoh GRD I/V  black - in London or anywhere in the UK.Will buy over internet - paid via C/ C via London - any suggestions pleasethanks
-- hide signature --Rube@N00/]
Just a quick report. Amazon has Ricoh GR sold from Ace Photo for $819. Also, this morning I bought the Ricoh GR from Adorama.--
Just wanted to know for owners of the Ricoh GR if anyone has experiences with them so far, I'm seriously considering the Wasabi one on Amazon that comes with 2 batteries and a c...
Did anyone here tried it on FZ200? If so, what do you think of it?Here is some info I found
OK, I said it, now it is out there, where did we go wrong to not get a 23mm for the GXR (35mm for me). And then what about the 56 or so (84 or so) That was all I asked for but ...
As a Pentaxian i'm very! glad Ricoh took Pentax under her wings and! realized for us: the K1 FullFrame.Thats why i gladly congratulate Ricoh with this years 80th birthday.You ...
Hi, sorry if this has been asked and answered. I tried searching on the forum, as well as google searching, but couldn't come up with anyone talking about this.On the S10 modul...
Ricoh issues camera brand statement | Photography news - Camera news, photo news and photography events | Amateur Photographer
Growing a beard and documenting it with the GR.--J-A [] []
You all laughed when the Ricoh Theta had been announced, well now it seems that Ricoh has found their niche Gaze upon the water-resistant hard case for the Theta...
Lots of speculation www.Pentax about some things never happened before in photography .--pentaxian .
Taken yesterday with the GR. Rain is forecast for the next week, so this was the last chance to take these.-- hide signature --Rube
Saw this Optex Leather case locally..dimensions indicate it should just fit but might be by only a millimetre or two.
In 2002, Kodak and Ricoh entered a patent license agreement that required Ricoh to pay royalties to Kodak if it acquired any other camera companies between 2002 and 2012. But af...
Has there been any discussion about getting the GR it's own sub-forum... rather than just lumped in with "Other >=1" Sensor Cameras"...
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